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"My time with Dan was amazing! He helped me move on from my anger and focus on better things in my life.

He taught me life lessons and how to grow from a teenager into a young mature adult in a fun and exciting way." 



“Dr Dan is amazing! Not only does he relate well with young people (being only 29 years of age himself), but he also has lived experience: coming from a broken family and roughing it up on the streets.

He is living proof that anything is possible and because of this, Dr Dan is the perfect role model for any young person who is looking for or needing a mentor or friend to guide them in a better direction.

Having someone who understands what young people are going through us so much more powerful when trying to have a positive impact.

With determination, hard work and making the right decisions, anything is possible and that is exactly what Dr Dan wants to install in all the young people he mentors."

Chris Lanitis, Director, Amazon Property, London

"I’ve known Daniel since we were 15 years old. While the rest of us wore tracksuit pants and tees, Daniel was the kid on the playground wearing suit pants and a white shirt. Daniel has always been the quintessential achiever: ambitious, intelligent, motivated, energetic, creative and resourceful. This drive has allowed him to not only become the most financially successful entrepreneur to ever graduate from our high school. Going from a poor graduate student to running a million dollar business portfolio within just 5 years, Daniel has epitomized the rags to riches story. He’s a true dynamo. More importantly, Daniel is a great person. His radiant positivity is infectious. Whenever I’m struggling or feeling down, I call Daniel. He always knows what to say to get me motivated. Mentoring young people is Dan's way of giving something back to the community "

Dr. Jamie Cross, PhD, Economist, ANU, Norway

"I first met Dr. Dan as a patient at his clinic: Dentaltown. I wanted to have my teeth cosmetically enhanced in preparation for an important event: I was nominated for a Human Rights Award.

Dr Dan cosmetically enhanced my smile and as I was leaving his clinic, he told me there was no charge for this service. I cried!

Dr. Dan dedicates a lot of his time to volunteering within our local community. He does this by mentoring many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He also raises funds for dedicated young support charities and local war veterans.

On top of all this, he also utilises his dentistry skills, providing free dental work for patients in Timor.

He is still my dentist, to this day and, over the past 2 years, he has been a formal mentor, and friend for my own grandson, Alex. Throughout this time, I have seen first-hand the profound impact Dr Dan has had on Alex’s life.

I can't thank Dan enough for all that he has done for me, my family and the wider Tasmanian community; and I know, that he is going to have an even bigger impact on many young people throughout the world."

Donna Kupsch, Human Rights Award Nominee

"I have known Dan for three years. Since meeting him, my life has changed dramatically. I now have clear direction about where I want to go with my career while remembering the importance of a good life balance and being the best family member and friend I can be. Since meeting Dan I have learnt important skills such as prioritisation, goal setting, discipline, work ethic, communication skills and pride of my appearance. I touch base with Dan on a weekly basis and will continue to do so until the foreseeable future. Dan is such a selfless mentor and I provide my strongest recommendation to anyone looking to get more out of life."


"Thank you Dan for taking time off to discuss your practice, success stories and knowledge on how you've successfully scaled your practice!! Incredible effort. Success breeds success, what are you doing to grow and scale your business this year? Hanging around and collaborating with people on the same journey is definitely one way."

Justin Wong, CPA Accountant

"I worked as a part of Dan’s team for a period of about 18 months. Over that time, I was impressed with not only Dan’s work ethic and professionalism, but his genuine desire to help other people.

He continually checks in with his team, to make sure they’re well and that things are going well in their lives. He does this because he really cares about other people and wants to see them living the best life they can. There aren’t a lot of people like Dan, and in my opinion, he epitomises the phrase “role model”.


Megan Parker, Owner/Operator at Diamond VA Services

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