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Dr Dan Craig

Dan's early life with his only brother was not always extravagant. His parents divorced when he was 12 and as a result he spent his early teens living out of home, finding refuge in friends' basements. When times were really tough, he found himself roughing it in local playgrounds and public parks.

Academically, things did not always go as planned either. He was expelled from three schools but pursued his dream of studying biomedical science, despite his inability to be accepted into medical school. Rejection aside, at the age of 21 he was eventually accepted into dentistry at Australia's most prestigious university. Finally, his hard work and determination were paying off.

At the age of 19, he participated in his first body building competition. Dan would go on to win another before the end of his dentistry education competed in his 3rd competition in 2019. While preparing for his second bodybuilding challenge he decided to take on a healthier lifestyle, quitting alcohol for good when he was 24 years old, the same year he would graduate dental school.

Not wanting to join the daily grind so many of us are bound to, Dan founded his own dental practice the year after graduating. It has been running successfully since opening and is one of his most prosperous ventures to date.

Dan also put to good use his passion for writing, authoring his first book the very same year his dental practice opened. He is now the proud author of 3 books. One book is a children's colouring in book and the other 2  focus on how to communicate in professional practice, assisting others in the industry to better assist their clients and understand them in a greater capacity. He is currently working on a series of communication books relating to helping professionals in other industries, as there are some common themes in all professional communication.

His compassion has led him to pursue a range of voluntary work in order to give back to the community and assist those living in similar circumstances to those of his early life. Primarily, Dan volunteers as a mentor to troubled young men who have, like himself, come from difficult upbringings. He is passionate about this because many of the friends he grew up with have become heroin addicts, have been incarcerated or have died. He strives to do his best to assist others in the same predicament and his dream is to help young men so that they do not follow the same path of his childhood friends.

Dan is also an accomplished motivational speaker. As well as his work with young adults that come from difficult upbringings, he continues to do charity work for war veterans and has volunteered his time and skills in performing dental work in Timor.

To date, he owns not only his original dental practice, but is also the owner of a successful solar panel backpack company, as well as an online food delivery company, servicing many of Australia's major fast food outlets. Dan is determined to continue to accumulate his wealth considerably in the coming years, and hopes that this money can be put to good use to enhance the lives of others, in particular young adults from troubled backgrounds. This is his major focus and passion at this stage. Dan also loves motivational speaking.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

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